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If you’ve ever dreamed about an above restaurant-quality meal served in the comfort of your own home, then you should hire a private chef for the evening! Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen is even better than other chef services because we only use organic, wild- caught, &/or grass-fed food when it comes to the quality of food we serve. Regular chefs and even restaurants simply cannot afford to use this kind of product because it would be too expensive! The ingredients we use are what make us stand above the competition.

Our chefs bring everything needed for a memorable meal & culinary adventure. We can prepare it in right in your very own kitchen for even up to 40p or more! Our menus and local, organic ingredients are the recipe for a healthy lifestyle as well as a wonderfully balanced event.

Work directly with one of our private chefs to plan a meal that will delight everyone. Select items from one of our many types of menus such as Tapas, BBQ, and the ever popular 4-course plated meal. Because our food is sourced and prepared from scratch, we can accommodate any dietary restrictions with extreme confidence.

We have prepared more than 575 events in private homes since 2010, from elegant and themed parties to casual tastings. See us in action we can custom create any event you’d like to have.

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In-home dining is great for:

In-home dining is great for:
  • COVID-19 Restrictive Parties
  • Birthdays & Family events
  • Club meetings
  • Business and Sales dinners
  • Sr. Executive dinners
  • Progressive dinners
  • Foodie adventures
  • Holiday celebrations
Chef Beau's Klean Kitchen

How does in-home dining work?

How does in-home dining work?

Simply pick an available date and invite your guests. We will send you a menu from which you can make your selections. Most menus will consist of an amuse bouche (a bite-sized treat that excites the tongue and delights the eye), a seasonal salad, a main course, and a dessert.

On the day of your event, your chef will arrive at your home approximately one hour before the first course. We bring all the food and equipment needed with us. We ask only for clean countertops in your kitchen, an empty dishwasher, and some room in the fridge. Set the table with your own dishes or ask us about rentals for the evening. We also offer professional bartenders and servers to make your event perfect.

Each private chef experience takes approximately 4 hours, from start to finish depending on how big the event. Our chef can be part of your celebration, preparing your meal in front of your guests, offering tips and answering questions, or can stay in the background. Your kitchen is left completely clean – we even do ALL the dishes!

In-home dining includes

  • Food costs, averaging $30-35 per person
  • A sliding fee for our chef services, based on the number of guests and day of the week. Typical cost average is around $675 for up to 12p

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Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen prepares meals for clients every week and they book private dining experiences every weekend - but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for fun! Look for our chefs and staff in the community, at events and speaking engagements, and maybe even at your local health club where Chef Beau’s has been a master Spin instructor for almost 20yrs.



Not your typical take-out


Enjoy incredible tasting appetizers and meals prepared by our private chefs for your special event. No frozen or processed foods here. We use the same fresh, local, and seasonal clean ingredients that we make for our private meal clients to create portable feasts.


Your guests will love the freshness, flavor, and healthy focus of our meals.

Chef Beau's Klean Kitchen