Weekly Meal Service

Chef Beau's Klean Kitchen

Our recipe for healthy living

Our recipe for healthy living

You want to eat right but you also want to enjoy your meal. Our anti-inflammatory weekly meal service makes it possible to do both. You’ll never miss the ingredients we don’t use! Chef Beau and his team prepare and deliver custom-made, nutrient-rich, mainly organic, anti-inflammatory meals that taste amazing!!!

We offer weekly changing seasonal menus using a wide variety of fresh and local ingredients and customize each meal to your individual tastes, preferences, allergies and food sensitivities.

  • Locally sourced (where available)
  • Verified organic ingredients
  • No gluten, very little organic soy, and never any kind of dairy from a cow
  • No processed, bleached, or fortified items of any kind, including & especially GMO's.
Chef Beau's Klean Kitchen

Some of our most popular meals include our grain-free, plant-based Lasagna & Chef Beau’s Buddha Bowls, Smothered Roasted Garlic Pork Chop, Jambalaya, Organic Chicken Vesuvio, Lamb & Bulgarian Sheep Feta burgers, and all varieties of our fresh pesto’s, moles & coconut-cream sauces.

Our meals are made within 24-36hrshrs of being ready for either pick-up or delivery.

Meet Chef Beau

Weekly Meal Service is right for:

  • Athletes and those in training
  • Individuals & couples who don’t have the time, skills or patience to prepare meals themselves
  • Families with food restrictions or allergies
  • Those with autoimmune diseases, including diabetes, thyroid & many other metabolic disorders, and other conditions impacted by diet, especially autism, bipolar & ADHD
  • Busy students & professionals

Our menus are Chef curated, seasonal, and change weekly

Every week Chef Beau or one of his Chef’s designs & publishes a new, seasonal, and nutrient dense menu. Each main entree is paired with a vegetable and starch. Simply select the meals that appeal to you, and place your order, noting any requests, changes or substitutions.

You can choose Delivery or Pick-up

Chef Beau's Klean Kitchen

Pick Up

Pick Up
  • Orders should be placed by Wednesday midnight for the week ahead
  • Minimum order for curbside pick-up is $75.00


  • Orders should be placed by Thursday Noon for the week ahead.
  • Deliveries are made 2X per week to ensure freshness.

Northwest & Western Suburbs (min $125.00/wk)
Mon & Thurs 12:00p – 5:00p
Chicago Metro and North Shore Suburbs (min $165.00/wk)
Tues & Thurs 12:00p – 5:00p
Far North Suburbs (min $225.00/wk)
Tues & Thurs 12:00p – 5:00p
Barrington & Naperville (min $225.00/wk)
Mon & Thurs 12:00p – 5:00p

We offer 5 different animal protein meals & 5 different plant-based meals each week!

50% of our food is Plant-Based

100% of our Beef is Grass Fed & Grass Finished

100% Fish is Wild Caught

100% of our Chicken & Turkey is Organic & our eggs are pasture raised

100% our pork is Berkshire

NOTE: Orders for each week should be placed by noon on Thursday the week prior for the following week.


Meals are prepared, packaged in air-tight, Glasslock containers (an initial deposit $150 required).

Pricing & Quantity

Pricing & Quantity

Our average price per meal is $23.00 and all pricing includes food & delivery. Sales tax additional.


A typical meal is comprised of 6-8oz animal protein before cooking and 10 oz veggies & starch Meals are priced for one individual adult meal but can definitely be split

  • Singles will spend an average of $75.00 – $150.00 per week
  • Families of two or more spend an average of $240.00 – $370.00 per week

*Pricing varies greatly depending upon age and the number of people eating


No contract is ever required but we do encourage our customers to try us for 3-4 weeks to experience our “klean” flavors & changing menus!


We are very 100% allergen friendly

For pricing and sample menus please call 708.354.4844

Each Meal is priced individually w/ out tax