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Eating real food isn’t about being a carnivore or a vegan, a vegetarian or a devoted paleo diet eater … we can depend upon our body to tell us what is best, and we need to listen to it. When we don’t feel right, we often tend to look at everything but the food that is causing the ill feeling. We should ask ourselves, what did we eat prior to feeling this way … what did we have last night at dinner or breakfast, was it real or was it processed? Our bodies do not recognize processed food and it will have different effects on different people.

When it comes to auto immune or anti-inflammatory diets, our body will “fight or take flight” in how it processes what we just ate. If you feed your body processed foods, you will likely not feel well. If you feed yourself real foods that are good for you, you will feel good but you probably won’t give the food the credit that it deserves in your wellness.

At Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen, we take all the guesswork out of whether or not you are going to feel well, because we ONLY serve food that your body will reward you for eating, which is REAL FOOD.

Did you know that 50% of our menu is plant-based and/or vegetarian because we certainly believe in eating vegetables. We advocate adding a plant-based meal or two into your weekly routine because of all the micronutrients packed into the meal. However, since we also serve the highest quality animal protein available, this too is a great way to reward your body with some pasture raised turkey or Berkshire pork (YUM) or grass-fed beef after a long day. Our food is not government subsidized and won’t make you feel bad after you eat it. Eat REAL FOOD, it will do your mind and body good!

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