What if THIS Was Your Medicine Cabinet?

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Medicine cabinets.

No home is complete without one, full of everything from toothpaste and brushes to razor blades, Q-tips, and band aids. And, of course, medicine.

In fact, 75% of Americans regularly take at least one over-the-counter drug. And even more alarming is that 55% of Americans take, on average, four prescription medications on a daily basis.

Drugs are regularly prescribed to relieve chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, acid reflux, or digestive issues. And at times, additional medications are prescribed to alleviate the harsh symptoms of other prescribed medications.

But what if your medicine cabinet could look different? What if it were free from dangerous drugs?

Think of the freedom you would have:

  • No symptoms that plague your daily life
  • No pills
  • No monthly trips to the pharmacy
  • No side-effects from the meds that are supposed to be helping you
  • No co-pays and inconvenient, frequent “wellness checks” at your doctor

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Having more energy for thinking, fitness and living each day
  • Enjoying a more positive attitude about yourself
  • Successful weight management
  • Feeling like yourself again

All of this may be more possible than you think.

But how do you feel right now?

  • Do you feel anxiety when an ominous, fast-talking, faceless voice lists your medication’s side-effects.
  • Do you pay costly monthly co-pays – even with decent insurance coverage?
  • Do you feel frustration as you try to eat “healthier” but end up feeling worse – and weighing more?

What if…?

  • You could feel free from the side-effects and financial drain that comes from a full medicine cabinet of drugs?
  • You could find success in controlling your weight?
  • You were filled with energy and self-confidence?

It Is Possible And Easier Than You Think

Turning your kitchen into your medicine cabinet is possible – and with my ONE-ON-ONE COACHING, it is easier than you think. With my coaching and your desire to feel better once and for all, I can teach you how to make the right choices and the changes needed to create a stronger, healthier and better you.

  • You will have more energy.
  • Your pharmacy bills will drop dramatically – or disappear altogether.
  • You will find that weight loss is not only possible, it’s actually happening!
  • Your whole outlook on food and its relationship to your attitude and behavior will dramatically improve

Your Health Is Like Your Car

Look at your car. It CAN run a long time on cheap gas and no oil changes. You can even pour in gasoline additives and run it through the car wash every week to fool yourself into thinking that you are treating it well and extending its life.

But we all know that pumping your car with cheap gas and skipping routine preventive maintenance for this incredible machine can lead to the early demise of a perfectly good automobile – leaving you without your freedom. 

It’s the same for your body. The better you treat body, the better it will function naturally and, most likely, for a longer time. The more intentional and careful you are about food choices, like buying fresh and organic and skipping the manufactured ‘food’, the less you will need to spend on the ‘mystery medicine’ you may be taking to mask and ignore the real problems.

And the results will be worth every ounce of effort.

Yes, doing the right thing is often hard. And, just like everything else in life, eating in a way to keep your health can take some hard work.

But Knowing What Is “Cheap Gas” Is Key

For many people, gluten is like cheap gas.

You may have seen information about gluten lately. In fact, there is enough misinformation about gluten floating around that you may think everyone should be gluten-free to live a healthy life. While it IS true that about 1 out of every 133 people have Celiac disease – an incurable condition that requires avoiding gluten for an entire lifetime – there are many more who have systems are intolerant or sensitive to gluten. As a result of the symptoms they experience, they seek medical advice and often resort to costly prescribed drugs to alleviate discomfort and other bodily reactions.

Some of the more common physical and behavioral issues that have been linked to gluten include:

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Autoimmune system issues
  • Hypothyroidism

If you are experiencing any of these conditions but have not considered your diet being the CAUSE or the SOLUTION to these issues, then consider again. A pharmaceutical solution and oftentimes not the best solution.

I can teach you find how to select foods that are truly gluten free and how to prepare them in ways that fit your family’s tastes and lifestyle.

Do You Know How Your Cheap Gas Is Made?

Keeping with my car analogy, many of the foods that we eat are highly processed and ‘created’ with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It is no coincidence that when these GMOs were introduced to our food and bodies, a whole new set of drugs started to appear in our medicine cabinets to combat the effects they cause. Because our body systems have not changed at the same pace that our food processing systems have changed, there has been a noticeable increase in auto-immune disorders. The common presence of GMO in our food has been connected to leaky gut and multiple sclerosis. In addition, scientific studies are connecting more and more dots back to GMO crops, harsh chemical herbicides (like Monsanto Round-Up), and the rise in children born with Autism.

But ridding your diet of GMO’s requires constant awareness of how your food is grown, stored, and prepared. It takes vigilant detective work to search out the truth, even when food is labeled “all-natural” or “organic”. While the label may not be an out-and-out lie, it may not tell the whole truth. In fact, reporting the use of GMOS is not required on food labels.

That’s why my expertise can help you find a shopping and food preparation plan to meet your own specific nutritional and dietary needs. I can teach you about the food that you should eat and to help build your new medicine cabinet – the medicine cabinet in your kitchen.

The results can be life changing

Imagine this:

  • Shopping with an eye on delicious, nutritious, organic, and fresh foods.
  • Preparing tasty meals that not only won’t harm you but that are, in fact, good for you and your family.
  • Eating meals that don’t make you feel bloated – and may start calming down your entire digestive system.
  • Enjoying foods that are flavorful – and may start returning your mood and mind to a place of peace and control.
  • Serving your friends and family well-balanced and scrumptious food that allows you feel calm and in control of your own body.
  • Living free of prescription and over-the-counter medications and their side effects.

You will discover a healthier you – with a little more in your wallet and a lot less in your medicine cabinet.

Not a bad picture of life.

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