Saving Time, Eating Right

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What does it take to eat right?

It turns out, a whole lot of time! Two studies show just how much time we spend planning, shopping, prepping and serving healthy meals. Did you know, there’s a way to eliminate all the hassle – and save 8 hours a week – while still eating clean? Keep reading for the answer.

When the U.S. Department of Agriculture studied the tasks that fill the average American’s day, one of the surprising results was just how long we spend on food preparation and cleanup: 37 minutes every day on average!

That’s just “prep†and “clean up!â€

The same study also revealed that meals made from scratch take even longer to prepare. Add in meal planning and a trip to the grocery store and the time adds up: to 8 hours a week. That’s a whole day’s work.

What could you do with 8 hours more hours each week?

So many of us are already stretched thin and having more time would be invaluable. It could give you time to relax, time to spend with the kids, time to kick off that exercise program you’re been wanting to start. But instead, you’re grocery shopping and cooking because you want to eat right.

If nutritional needs or a special diet has you committed to eating Klean or anti-inflammatory, then the study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine is for you. This one shows that more time spent on meal preparation translates to higher quality food, including significantly more vegetables, salads, and fruits. It’s the model for good eating but, who’s got time for this much meal prep?

Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen has the time.

Chef Beau and his staff prepare and deliver custom-made, nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory meals 5 days a week! They plan seasonal menus by the week, source quality organic ingredients, and then prepare your meals – literally hours before delivery. They even seal and chill individual meals in special glass containers so they can go from fridge to oven to table in minutes, w/out any hassle.

Meal delivery is a fantastic way to eat clean AND save 8 hours a week. There’s no planning, no shopping, no cutting or cooking and no clean up. Simply heat and eat seasonal meals that use a wide variety of fresh and local ingredients and are customize each meal to your individual tastes, preferences, allergies and food sensitivities.

Want to save time and eat well?

Visit Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen to learn more about meal delivery.

Choose a week of meals and use the promo code: BLOG to receive 3 Klean meals when you spend $125 on your first order.

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